About Us

RMK Group of Companies is a privately owned portfolio of individual companies operating in a number of sectors such as real estate, general car service Centers, food & beverage industry, and furniture & lighting industry. Established in the year 1975, the company has since grown to branch out into different business sectors in the country.

Our grandfather, the Late Mr.Mohmood Al Kooheji, conceived the first leg of RMK shortly after the end of World War I. Initially the company focussed almost entirely on developing favourable trade relations between India and Bahrain. The oil boom in the Gulf during the 1930’s was instrumental in improving the economy the Middle East, which also contributed to the immense growth in the Kooheji’s business. We have only had to look forward in our endeavours since then, and have developed the company into a respectable sized holding.

Our businesses include

Real Estate

Real Estate

General Car Servicing

Real Estate

Furniture & lighting Industry

Real Estate

Food & Beverage Industry

Real Estate

RMK Group has established some of the most convenient retail shopping experience that provides our clients with a wide range of options and quality services in our respective fields.

Our team of professionals are well versed in each of their field of operation, thus producing quality work, consistently. Our staff comprises of people from all walks of life, varied nationalities and class divide, which brings in a sense of diversity in the approach and operational methods. All our companies incorporate a sense of creativity and dedication to ensure that the projects are completed to satisfaction and well within stipulated the time frame.

We are committed to a high order of work ethics that is founded upon traditional values of honesty, integrity and transparency. This enables us to do honest business with our clients, dealers and suppliers.

RMK Group of Companies has worked hard to incorporate a strong sense of entrepreneurial culture across our establishments in order to be able to serve our clients better and efficiently.

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